König Ludwig Lauf e.V. 
Passionswiese 5

82487 Oberammergau 

Conduct rules MTB

Even before, during and after the König Ludwig bike weekend, there are some rules to observe all cyclists, so the cycling is a pleasure for all involved. We ask you, therefore, to observe the following rules and adviced other mountain bikers to the rules.

Drive only on prescribed paths or forest roads!
Drive across country never, otherwise you damage the nature! Respect lanes closures! Forestry, farm and nature protection require that! Also in recreational areas, local closures have permission! 

Leave no trace Brake not locking the wheels (except for emergencies)!
Full stops favoring soil erosion and cause damage ways! You adjust your driving style to the way nature! 

Holding your mountain bike always under control!
Carelessness, even for a few seconds, can cause an accident! Adapt your speed to the situation and the site! In passages not visible at any time pedestrians or obstacles arise! You have to stop in sight! To your and other people's safety! 

Respect other users of nature!
Give notice your pass early (ringing call, etc.) and to diminish your speed to walking speed! Troubled no other ways users and remember that other users can you perceive too late! Drive, if possible, in small groups! 

Watch out for animals! 
Grazing animals, and all other animals in the forest need special consideration! Complete fences after you've passed! Leave time for the twilight forest, the animals with their food intake to not disturb! 

Ride foresight!
Check your equipment and appreciate your abilities correctly! A helmet can protect, but it's not a life insurance. Think of tools, repair kit, food and first aid kit! The way of doing you drive determines the actions of the authorities.

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